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Hidden Artwork in EPCOT

Little Brother from Mulan
World Showcase Characters
Keep an eye out for extra character sightings in EPCOT! Sometimes families find EPCOT to be lacking in things to do, especially for children, but this is a theme park that offers many free extras. During the Festival of the Arts, each country around World Showcase will feature a Disney or Pixar character painted on the side of the building. Here is adorable Little Brother from Mulan shown in the Japan pavilion. Each is hand-painted onto the building for the duration of the festival and then they disappear.

Pascal from Tangled
EPCOT Painted Characters
The Germany pavilion featured Pascal from Tangled where he used a paintbrush around his tail to paint the sun. Finding these characters could make a fun free game for the kids as the adults enjoy an adult beverage on their tour around the world. You will only find these painted characters during the Festival of the Arts which takes place January - February each year. Be sure and look at the Disney website for the exact dates of the festival each year.
If you love Pascal as much as I do, then try to find all the hidden Pascals in the Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland. Hint: look around a restroom and near the stream. The hidden Pascal is a Disney encouraged game including 3-D characters.
So next time you get to EPCOT during the Festival of the Arts, be sure and look out for these beautiful pieces of temporary art.
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